Pike n shotte Day Sunday 21/01/2018 DATE CONFIRMATION

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Pike n shotte Day Sunday 21/01/2018 DATE CONFIRMATION

Posted in : Historical Game on by : Godfey

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Date(s) - 21/01/2018
All Day


Ok Chaps   ANNUAL      PIKE N SHOTTE DAY    SUN    21 JAN 2018

Could those who are interested plse indicate which day is best n then we will try to sort a hall booking


looking for the usual suspects ….4/5 aside for King n Parliament

10/15 units each General

troops can be lent to those who dont have

I have an idea for a senario slightly different to the usual but on the same lines ( not complex,  not forcing one side to move too far , objectives such that both sides could claim victory so something to argue about for weeks afterwards )

cost depends on numbers but usually  £10 /14 per General ( ie hall didvided by no of generals )

plse say if interested


cheers G


Bookings are closed for this event.

5 thoughts on Pike n shotte Day Sunday 21/01/2018 DATE CONFIRMATION

  • Godfey 14/01/2018

    Sunday 21st January 2018 all day English Civil War

    Unfortunately Jason W has pulled out because of family commitments which leaves us with eight players four per side n one per site without troops (Adam n Kris) which shouldn’t present any problems

    I’ve divided into Parliament n King trying to cater for those who have expressed a preference. Sorry Mark.

    Could I please have a list of all troops available at your earliest convenience.

    For Parliament





    for the King





    Asa has kindly booked the hall so we are ready to roll, without any players external to us we have a bill of £12.50 each although Will was talking about some for games of Armada which would bring the price down

    Could I please have a telephone number for texting for Nigel and Kris as it makes it easier to arrange things And faster.

    The basic scenario is going to be along the lines of seizing the five River Crossing objectives over an 20 foot wide ( 6 foot deep ) table. Any three crossings mean that you get your army to the other side and you succeed.

    Both armies are trying to acheive the same objective

    This is based very loosely on the start of the Civil War when The King marched from Oxford towards London and the Parliamentarian force in London marched North to intercept.

    At that point we loose all historical reference and it becomes solely something which is wargameable

    looking forward to this

    cheers G

  • Nigel_S 17/01/2018

    Sorry for late reply. I can bring a foot battalia of four regiments with a field artillery piece.

  • Nigel_S 17/01/2018

    I can bring some cavalry if needed, but they are wearing the cursed orange sashes of the rebel dogs

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