40K Escalation League

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40K Escalation League

Interested so far
Wrighty (Death Guard)
Mike P (Death Guard)
Russell (Ultramarines)
Dan (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Ben B
Ian P (Death Guard)
Jamie (Astra Militarum)
James C (Sisters of Battle)
Will G (Imperial Fists)
Adrian (Eldar)

League Table

The main reasons for creating this league are to
1. Get more games in
2. Learn the rules, especially the advanced rules
3. Encourage collection, building, painting, etc
4. Allow for flexible gaming
5. Have fun just playing

The league is not for
1. Tournament style competitive play (there are no prizes*)
2. Power-gamers & WaaC lists (nothing wrong with these things, this league is just for something else)

So if you do sign up then please respect the above, or don’t sign up. This will be a self policing group though and I’m not enforcing anything. I’m not trying to say don’t play to win, it’s why we play after all, just play nice 😉


One league table. Try to play at least a game a month if you can.
Entry based on player not army so you are free to change armies whenever.
Play whoever you like as many times as you like. Just play who’s available, you don’t have to play everyone, just play.
Matched Play rules apply (pg 212)

Feb-March – 500 points, max 2 detachments (Eternal War)
April-May – 1000 points, max 2 detachments (Eternal War)
Jun-July – 1500 points, max 3 detachments (Maelstrom of War)
August+ – 2000+ points, just arrange with opponent what you wanna play

All armies to be Battle-Forged Armies (pg 240), including Command Points (pg 242)
Missions to be randomly determined from the mission list of the month in question (pg 215)

Wins/Lose/Draw will be recorded in the league table. So please send me your results, just who won will do

Your win/lose ration will affect your max points limit for your next game. For every game you have lost more that you have won you will get +10% max points limit. For example if you’ve won 1 and lost 3 then you will get +20%, in March that would equate to a max of 600 points. If you’ve won more than you’ve lost then you just get the standard max points limit.
This will hopefully be something to give a little boost the less experienced players and offer a challenge to the better ones out there. Plus it’s simple.

Players should be able to drop in and out of the league throughout the year as the format should be loose enough to accommodate this.

In the first few months it should be possible to get more than 1 game in in an evening so would be advantageous if 4 or more players turned up so swap opponents etc. Or just play the same opponent twice, whatever. In either case the Win/Lose should immediately take affect so bring some extra models to list build of pre-build and be prepared.

*I said no prizes but I will look into something unique for everyone who makes it to the end of the league, i.e. still playing in August. Something in the realm of asking a local reputable token and accessory manufacturer to make some “I played a whole league at Aftermath and all I got were these poxy objective counters” 🙂