Bolt Action


Army lists

Standard comp throughout the whole league.

  1. No VFT
  2. 0-1 Infantry flamethrowers (assuming the option is available in the theatre).
  3. No dice limit
  4. One platoon only
  5. All 0-1 mentioned in the following rounds assumes you are normally allowed to take that option. These aren't extra units you are allowed.

In rounds 1-2

  1. Tanks with an armour value of up to 7+ are allowed.
  2. No Veterans of any kind allowed
  3. 0-1 Armoured cars. Only armoured cars with 7+ or lower are allowed. Only those from early war theatres are allowed.
  4. You must pick your lists from the following theatres:
    • British: 1940 Fall of France / 1940-41 East Africa / 1940-41 Operation Compass / fall of singapore 1942
    • Germans: 1939 The September Campaign / 1940 The battle of France / 1941 Operation Barbarossa
    • Italian: The war in Africa 1940
    • Japanese: Fall of Singapore 1942 / The Battle for Guadalcanal 1942
    • Polish: The battle of Poland 1939
    • Partisans: Resistance 1939-1941
    • Russian: Attack on the Fortified Regions 1941 / Hitlers Greatest Victory 1941 / Leningrad Approaches 1941 / Defending the road to Moscow
    • US: Operation Torch 1942/ Kasserine Pass 1943/ El Guettar 1943 / Rommels Defeat 1943

In rounds 3-4

  1. Tanks with an armour value up to 8+
  2. 0-2 Veteran units allowed.
  3. 0-1 armoured car any armour value.

In rounds 5-7

  1. No units which are considered early war in the theatres are allowed. (unless you have choosen an army which only fought early war such as French, Belgium etc)
  2. Any amount of veteran units are allowed
  3. 0-1 tanks up to armour 9 are allowed.
  4. 0-1 armoured cars allowed.

House Rules for the League

  • Fixed weapons, when given an Advance order, may pivot on the spot up to ninety degrees before firing at a -1 penalty, in the same manner as non-fixed weapons suffering the movement penalty. Note that indirectly firing a fixed weapon still requires a Fire order.
  • Recce: Vehicles can only recce if they haven't already used there order dice.
  • LMGs: All Light Machine Guns purchased for infantry squads cost 10 points rather than 20 points.


You get 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a defeat.

You forfeit a point - and gain a white feather of cowardice - if you quit a game.

League table is sorted by Points, White Feathers of Cowardice, Victory Point Difference and Victory Points Scored. This means that if you've collected a white feather you will have a lower league position that someone who hasn't, regardless of your respective Victory Points, but as you're not going to quit a game in a huff this doesn't matter, does it?

Army Size

Your base army size is 500 points.

For every game you draw you get 25 extra points of troops.

For every game you lose you get 50 extra points of troops.

You get no extra points for games you quit.


Because army size is affected by the number of games played (specifically the number of games drawn or lost) it is important that you have played the same number of games as your next opponent. If you are unable to play a league match on the scheduled date, you MUST play that match before your next fixture is due to be played - usually you'll have 3 weeks to achieve this. If you can't for some reason (and it'd better be a bloody good reason) then your next league fixture will have to be postponed.

Reporting results

Send a PM to Emrys with:

  • Date of game
  • Participants
  • Result
  • VP scored
  • Whether the loser quit

e.g. Bolt Action (Sword Division) 7/4/2015 Alf (200 VP) beat Bob (50 VP). Bob quit in a huff.

e.g. Bolt Action (Juno Division) 7/4/2015 Cedric (100 VP) drew with Dorian (90 VP).

Please report results promptly otherwise army sizes may be incorrect for your next game.