Bloodbowl Leagues

Cups 2013

and show the current holders of each trophy.

The Bloodwiser Bowl (TV 175 cap)
Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
BYE Sons of Twilight 0
Heatseekers 2
Schadensumpe Spelunkers
The Real Amaz(ing)ons 1
Heatseekers 2
The Doomed 334th   
Moot Penal Legion Squad 2
Schadensumpe Spelunkers 6
Schadensumpe Spelunkers 4
Heartstoppers 3
(After Overtime)


Spike! Trophy (TV 150 cap)
Cancelled due to lack of interest (due to drop-outs only 3 teams were involved and you need 4+ to run a cup).

Normal rules apply to the Spike! except for weather. The weather table for Spike! is 2: Sweltering Heat; 3-4 Very Sunny; 5-11 Nice; 12 Pouring Rain as it's played in (usally) sunny Estalia.

The Dungeonbowl (TV175 cap)
Badbog Smeggerz
Badbog Smeggerz
lost to
Wretchedon Vile
Wretchedon Vile
lost to
Hochland Heroines
BYE Hochland Heroines 2
Necrofailure 1

If both coaches agree then DungeonBowl matches can played in a dungeon (hopefully everyone still has their dungeons from past seasons). Otherwise these matches are played on a full-sized pitch, albeit underground. In the latter case, play the match as normal but there is no weather. If "Changing weather" is rolled on the kick-off table just bounce the ball twice.

The Chaos Cup (No cap)
Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
BYE Dark Lands Gooners 1
Vermicelli 2
Vermincelli 3
Tigerwasps 2
Vermicelli 4
Har Ganeth Executioners 0
Tigerwasps 5
High Rollers 1
Unclean Ones

Unclean Ones withdrew