Bloodbowl Leagues

The Never-Ending Bloodbath

The Never-Ending Bloodbath
Purple HelmetzOrcJason M321083.364817+9156
Tornado Nymph Tempest (TNT)Wood ElfNick K531170.0171261410-3140
Sons of TwilightDark ElfScott320166.775936+8123
Naggarond NomadsDark ElfMike C210150.074423+5151
Bloodpool TsunamiVampireNick K210150.055233-1104
Da Green GiantsOrcMike P210150.0442230107
Careless WhiskersSkavenJason M210150.0563230146
Wenchester CottontailsHumanNick K721435.7141516107+5157
The Magnificent Reikland Steel Underpants TeamHumanIan P1324730.81428133310-34160
Swellingwood SwallowsElfJason M10010.0231000102
Cheesy BitesSkavenMark S10010.012040-590
The Doomed 334th Moot Penal Legion SquadHalflingIan P10010.006120-7117

This table only shows teams that have played a game in the last 12 months (otherwise it'd be a ridiculously long table).