Bloodbowl Leagues

Base colours
A number of coaches are using coloured bases to identify different positional players (very useful if you're not using GW figures or if, like Emrys, you can't see clearly further away than the end of your nose). To avoid confusion, it may be an idea to adopt the "standard" colour code from the old days when the BB figures were plastic, identical and not exactly collectors' items. These colour are:
  • Linemen: Grey
  • Blitzers: Red
  • Throwers: White
  • Catchers: Yellow
  • Blockers: Green
  • Strikers*: Blue, and
  • Secret Weapons: Black
* e.g. Wardancers, Troll Slayers

League Rules - Seasons VI and VII

League Structure

The Bloodweiser Aftermath League will be the "official" league for the club. Each coach may enter one team in this league.

[SEASON VI] Teams in the Aftermath League will have a TV Cap of 2.0 million including cash in the bank.

[SEASON VII] Teams in the Aftermath League will have a TV Cap of 1.6 million including cash in the bank. - look here for more changes for Season VII

Members are encouraged to create mini-leagues of 4-6 teams to run alongside the main league (e.g. a Stunty Leeg, a league for rookie teams, etc.)


The winner of the Bloodweiser Aftermath League can choose to receive either 300,000gc or six random MVP awards. No player may receive more than one of the random MVP awards (reroll if a player's number comes up more than once). There will be no prizes for winning the mini leagues.

Mid-season Cups

Approximately halfway through the season the leagues take a mid-season break during which the Spike! Magazine Trophy and DungeonBowl cups are contested. Coaches can choose whether to enter ONE of these cups or simply take a few weeks off. Both Spike! and Dungeonbowl are open to league and non-league teams to make up numbers to a maximum of 16 in each competition but a coach can only enter a team in ONE of the cups. Where there are fewer than 16 entrants then the lowest ranked teams (based on rankings at the end of the previous season) will play a preliminary round to determine the quarter-finals. e.g. if there are 12 entrants then the bottom 8 teams will play to determine the 4 teams to join the other 4 in the quarter-finals; if there are only 5 entrants then the bottom 2 play for a place in the semi-finals). If fewer than 4 teams enter a cup then that competition will not be played (but existing "holders" will lose any associated benefits).

The DungeonBowl will be played on a normal-sized pitch but underground - so there'll be no weather (any Changing Weather result on the kick-off table automatically means the ball just bounces twice). If both coaches agree then the final can be played in a "proper" dungeon.

The weather table for Spike! is 2: Sweltering Heat; 3-4 Very Sunny; 5-11 Nice; 12 Pouring Rain as it's played in (usally) sunny Estalia.

End of season Cups

There will be two end-of-season cups: the Aftermath Cup and the Chaos Cup.

A coach may enter both cups but not with the same team. The Aftermath Cup will have a TV Cap of 1.75 million (this includes Cash).

D3 players on the Chaos Cup winning team may choose any Mutation skill, Hypnotic Gaze, Stab or Regeneration in addition to any skills they gain from accumulating SPP. The receipients of these gifts are chosen randomly and need not have actually played a part in the cup final. No player may receive more than one Mutation but may receive two gifts ‐ the second gift would have to be chosen from Hypnotic Gaze, Stab or Regeneration. In the unlikely event of one player receiving all three gifts then only one may be a Mutation and no extraordinary skill may be chosen more than once.

The prize for the Aftermath Cup is a random number of MVP awards in addition to those normally awarded at the end of each game. 2D6 will be rolled and the winner gets the total in additional random MVP awards (a player could, in theory, get the match MVP and then one of the random MVP awards but no player can get more than one of the random MVPs). The loser will get the higher of the two dice (e.g. if 5 and 3 are rolled then the winner will get 8 MVPs and the loser 5 MVPs).

Other awards

The Player of the Season will be awarded to the player who has gained the most SPP over the course of a season. It's for players from Aftermath League teams only but includes any cup matches they play. Its winner permanently gets the Fan Favourite trait (which adds 30,000gc to his value)

A player can win the award more than once but only gains the benefit once. If more than one player scores the same number of SPP during his team's league season then a vote will be held to see which one wins the award.

There will be an award for the Jammiest Touchdown, the winner to be decided by a vote by the rules committee at the end of the season. If, during one of your games, you think you have a contender for this award then make a detailed record of the touchdown (what you did, what rolls you needed, etc.) and submit it to (TBC).

Aftermath Blood Bowl League - League Rules

[HR] denotes a house rule and a deliberate departure from the Competition Rules Pack

  1. Ruleset
    1. The ABBL uses the Blood Bowl Competition Rules as hosted by GW with the addition of three pages from LRB5 - Page 5 (which defines correct use of the range ruler) and pages 32-33 for the benefits of winning a Major - and the three BBRC/NAF approved teams which don't appear in the rulebook (Chaos Pact, Slann and Underworld rosters).
    2. The six rosters described on the "NEB Extras" page are not legal for league play but are, instead, offered as amusing options for friendly games only.
  2. Building your team
    1. Your starting roster must have between 11 and 16 players (plus as many backroom/cheerleading staff and rerolls as you can afford). Obviously numbers may drop below 11 during the league - but can never exceed 16.
    2. All teams start with zero Fan Factor and you can't buy any - you'll just have to earn fans by not losing games! [HR]
    3. You are strongly advised to develop a team in the NEB before applying for it to join the league (but if you enjoy having teams destroyed then it's your call).
  3. Scoring
    1. Teams score 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
    2. If teams are level on points, the positions are decided by the combined touchdown and casualty difference then on touchdowns scored.
  4. Schedule
    1. Coaches are expected to play one game per league team each month.
    2. [SEASON VI] The end date for the Bloodweiser Aftermath League is 30/09/2012. Fixtures must be completed by this date.
    3. When there are two months to go to the league deadline the committee will look at the remaining fixtures. Anyone with more than two league games unplayed and not scheduled before the 30/9/2012 will be expected to cancel any upcoming friendly fixtures of any game and play their Bloodweiser games instead. Failure to complete fixtures may result in a punishment.
  5. Capping
    1. Fan Factor can never be voluntarily reduced to trim Team Value.
  6. Changing a coach
    1. If a team is retired, it can be taken over by another coach, as long as the original coach agrees. [HR]
  7. Casual Play
    1. Any coaches who have said that they wish to run a team for 'now and again' type games (whether on its own or in addition to team/s in the league) are free to play as many games as they like with this team against other non-league teams using an open format (i.e. play who you want, when you want but you can't play the same opponent more than twice in a row).
    2. Results from these fixtures will be recorded in the Never-ending Bloodbath table. League teams cannot play friendly matches except between seasons. [HR]
  8. Time Limits
    1. It is expected that coaches in the Bloodweiser Aftermath League will play their matches with a turn time limit. Time limits will apply unless both coaches decide otherwise (i.e. if one player wants a clock and his opponent doesn't then the time limit DOES apply).
    2. Bloodweiser Aftermath League matches have a 4 minute time limit per turn. Mini-leagues ‐ unless their rules state otherwise ‐ will have a 6 minute time limit. [HR]
    3. If a turn limit is reached, the currently active player is allowed to finish his action.
  9. Most Valuable Player awards
    1. The MVP for each game is awarded randomly for each team.
    2. The award can be given to anyone who took part in the match (i.e. was on the field at some point). [HR]
    3. This includes any mercenaries, star players or journeymen but doesn't include any players who spent the whole game on the bench.
    4. The MVP can be (and surprisingly often is) awarded posthumously.
  10. Not completing fixtures
    1. If a league coach leaves the club without completing his fixtures then those matches which have been played will be reclassified as NEB games and the coach's record will be expunged from his division.
    2. His opponents in whatever matches he did play will keep the SPP and winning earned from those games but will lose any league points gained.
    3. Any Coach which quits the league without good reason will be banned from entering any Aftermath Gaming Club leagues for 12 months – this is true for all leagues. [HR]

All other rules are as per the current BB Rulebook.