Bloodbowl Leagues

Craig's teams

TeamRaceWDLWin%Td+Td-Cas+Cas-CoachesCheer.Apo.J'menFansRerollsTreasuryTeam Value
Dark Lands Gooners
The Arrivederci Invitational Challenge Trophy
Orc234773.57141120210 0 Y 0 12 6 370,000 gp 2,430,000 gp
Bögenhafen Blaze Amazon151096.9471353240 0 Y 0 12 4 520,000 gp 2,060,000 gp
Woodland Wanderers Wood Elf114276.5562811380 0 Y 0 12 4 20,000 gp 1,890,000 gp
Tzeentch Pact Rangers Chaos Pact2371361.68059156770 0 Y 0 7 3 110,000 gp 1,820,000 gp
Pickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club Dwarf104660.0322945280 0 Y 0 7 4 530,000 gp 1,670,000 gp
Mühlwand Skaven61092.923109140 0 Y 0 7 3 120,000 gp 1,560,000 gp
Lothern Lions
Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)
Elf81370.8382423350 0 Y 0 7 3 190,000 gp 1,510,000 gp
Tartful Dodgers
Bloodweiser Aftermath League
Amazon53359.1181221220 0 Y 0 7 4 80,000 gp 1,500,000 gp
Carroburg Panzers Chaos61181.314818110 0 Y 1 7 4 160,000 gp 1,490,000 gp
Hochland Heroines Human83273.1291725260 0 Y 0 10 4 350,000 gp 1,480,000 gp
Norcwich United Orc61181.31871170 0 Y 0 7 4 200,000 gp 1,460,000 gp
Aarvik Avalanche Norse35255.0171830200 0 Y 2 7 3 140,000 gp 1,420,000 gp
Glade Rangers Wood Elf60185.72166140 0 Y 0 5 2 220,000 gp 1,330,000 gp
Where are the Warriors
Sommer-Bucht League
Chaos42450.013135180 0 Y 0 5 4 160,000 gp 1,270,000 gp
Schadensumpe Spelunkers
Aftermath League X
Wood Elf60460.0211710280 0 Y 2 5 2 140,000 gp 1,220,000 gp
Kislevite Kossars Kislev10420.0711580 0 Y 1 1 3 0 gp 1,210,000 gp
Aftermathers Human10150.077530 0 Y 0 1 3 20,000 gp 1,130,000 gp
Die You Will Skaven100100.042030 0 N 0 1 3 60,000 gp 1,000,000 gp
Ratlands Skaven--------0 0 Y 0 0 3 0 gp 1,000,000 gp
Aftermathers B Orc--------0 0 N 0 0 3 0 gp 1,000,000 gp
Altdorf Avengers Dwarf0010.012000 0 N 0 0 3 40,000 gp 1,000,000 gp
Darkenhoff Dark Elf0010.002010 0 N 0 0 1 30,000 gp 1,000,000 gp
Munch Munch
Grass Roots Ultimate Bloodbowl
Squig Herders (S)--------0 0 Y 0 0 3 0 gp 1,000,000 gp
Who Forgot The Horses Brettonian100100.021220 0 N 0 0 2 0 gp 1,000,000 gp
Rats and Green should never be seen Underworld100100.032120 0 Y 0 1 3 30,000 gp 890,000 gp
The Moonings Goblin--------2 2 N 0 0 2 160,000 gp 840,000 gp
Totals include friendly matches played for which team details aren't recorded

Best result: 8-0Worst result: 0-4

Player Records

Kolo Tourorc (retired)Dark Lands Gooners33
Carr Rørvig (dec'd)Tzeentch Pact Rangers32
Francesc FabregorcsDark Lands Gooners32
Noisil BalderkPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club29
Letty SydowBögenhafen Blaze27
Minimum 2 to qualify
Orcie Van PersieDark Lands Gooners16
Alexandorc HlebDark Lands Gooners14
Alexandre SorcDark Lands Gooners13
EradraWoodland Wanderers13
Noisil BalderkPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club13
Minimum 2 to qualify
Sijur SkardabergTzeentch Pact Rangers3
Paul Skaare Øvre Flo (dec'd)Tzeentch Pact Rangers2
Aaric GrøtterudAarvik Avalanche1
Alicia VolmannBögenhafen Blaze1
AranniWoodland Wanderers1
Carr Rørvig (dec'd)Tzeentch Pact Rangers1
FalandarLothern Lions1
Fifi TrixibelleTartful Dodgers1
Francesc FabregorcsDark Lands Gooners1
KianaTartful Dodgers1
Petter RasmussenTzeentch Pact Rangers1
Ralidr Frerkertake (dec'd)Schadensumpe Spelunkers1
TandraWoodland Wanderers1
Minimum 1 to qualify
Aaric GrøtterudTzeentch Pact Rangers36
BokidTzeentch Pact Rangers29
Orcie Van PersieDark Lands Gooners24
Petter RasmussenTzeentch Pact Rangers22
Phillippe SenderorcsDark Lands Gooners18
Minimum 2 to qualify


DateCompetitionOwn teamScoreOppositionCasualtiesCrowd
2016-08-30The Arrivederci Invitational Challenge TrophyDark Lands Gooners4-2Tigerwasps (Nick K)8-080,000
2016-06-21Aftermath League XSchadensumpe Spelunkers3-2Sons of Twilight (Scott)0-124,000
2016-05-24Aftermath League XSchadensumpe Spelunkers1-2Tornado Nymph Tempest (TNT) (Nick K)2-321,000
2016-05-20Aftermath League XSchadensumpe Spelunkers1-3Purple Helmetz (Jason M)0-526,000
2016-03-29Aftermath League XSchadensumpe Spelunkers1-2Naggarond Nomads (Mike C)0-420,000
2016-03-08Aftermath League XSchadensumpe Spelunkers3-2Da Green Giants (Mike P)1-319,000
2015-09-08Aftermath Trophy LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers0-1Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)4-129,000
2015-09-01Aftermath Trophy LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers2-0Orkshire Vikings (Mike C)6-429,000
2015-07-14Aftermath Trophy LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers2-1Xenomorph Spectaculars (Nick K)4-227,000
2015-06-11Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers1-1Riverside Reavers (Scott)1-222,000
2015-06-09Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers3-0The Norsica Juniors (Russell)7-022,000
2015-01-06Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers2-3Careless Whiskers (Jason M)4-023,000
2014-11-25Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers2-0Angelus Requiem Second Eleven (A.R.S.E.) (Nick K)3-220,000
2014-11-11Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers0-1Orkshire Vikings (Mike C)0-434,000
2014-10-07The Never-Ending BloodbathTartful Dodgers2-1Alebrewers of Altdorf Guild Team (Mat L)0-227,000
2014-09-09Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers1-1The Norsica Juniors (Russell)1-117,000
2014-09-02Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers2-2Riverside Reavers (Scott)2-315,000
2014-06-17Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers1-0Careless Whiskers (Jason M)2-511,000
2014-05-20Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers2-3Angelus Requiem Second Eleven (A.R.S.E.) (Nick K)0-123,000
2014-04-22Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTartful Dodgers2-0Orkshire Vikings (Mike C)1-213,000
2014-02-13Bloodweiser Aftermath LeaguePickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-2The Daisy Pushers (Scott)2-230,000
2014-02-04Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors2-0Hawthorn (Nick J)1-121,000
2014-01-21Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors0-3Gravestone Stealers (Mike C)0-027,000
2014-01-14Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors1-2Pustulent Decay (Nick K)0-119,000
2013-12-03Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors2-0Carpe Jugulum (Scott)3-021,000
2013-11-26Bloodweiser Aftermath LeaguePickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-0Tor Fenalorn Seahorses (Dan M)2-033,000
2013-11-19The Bloodwiser BowlSchadensumpe Spelunkers4-3Heartstoppers' Delight (Nick K)2-520,000
2013-10-26The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines2-4Vermingham Rapid (Nick K)3-331,000
2013-10-22The Dungeon BowlHochland Heroines1-0Wretchedon Vile (Nick K)0-130,000
2013-10-01Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors1-1Firestone Fuglies (Jason M)0-422,000
2013-09-10The Chaos CupDark Lands Gooners1-2Vermincelli (Leon)5-161,000
2013-08-27Bloodweiser Aftermath LeaguePickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club0-3Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)2-233,000
2013-08-20The Dungeon BowlHochland Heroines2-1Necrofailure (Nick J)3-529,000
2013-08-06Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors1-1Gravestone Stealers (Mike C)0-219,000
2013-07-30Bloodweiser Aftermath LeaguePickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-1Xenomorph Spectaculars (Nick K)1-321,000
2013-07-16Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors1-2Carpe Jugulum (Scott)0-419,000
2013-06-18The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-2Highland Hammers (Ian P)2-423,000
2013-06-11Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors2-1Pustulent Decay (Nick K)1-120,000
2013-05-07Sommer-Bucht LeagueWhere are the Warriors1-2Firestone Fuglies (Jason M)0-319,000
2013-04-30Bloodweiser Aftermath LeaguePickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club0-4Drakwold Wanderers (Mat L)1-228,000
2013-04-16The Never-Ending BloodbathRats and Green should never be seen3-2Vipere Sangue (Nick K)1-218,000
2013-04-09The Never-Ending BloodbathDie You Will4-2Orkshire Terryurz (Mike C)0-310,000
2013-04-02The Bloodwiser BowlSchadensumpe Spelunkers6-2The Doomed 334th Moot Penal Legion Squad (Ian P)3-517,000
2013-03-26Bloodweiser Aftermath LeaguePickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club0-2Marduk's Marauders (Dave F)1-135,000
2013-03-12The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers2-1Cunniculus Bellum (Nick K)4-124,000
2013-03-12The Never-Ending BloodbathWhere are the Warriors2-1Pustulent Decay (Nick K)0-210,000
2013-02-26The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers3-4Tigerwasps (Nick K)4-032,000
2013-02-19The Never-Ending BloodbathAftermathers4-3Woodland Fawns (Alan)3-014,000
2013-02-12Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Lothern Lions4-3Angelwood Dryads (Nick K)0-227,000
2013-02-05The Never-Ending BloodbathAftermathers3-4Aftermathers C (Graham)2-311,000
2013-01-29Bloodweiser Aftermath LeaguePickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club1-2The Anvil Squad (Nick J)2-127,000
2012-12-18Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Lothern Lions1-3Fatal Attractions (Jason M)2-527,000
2012-12-04The Chaos CupDark Lands Gooners1-2Har Ganeth Executioners (Nick J)6-078,000
2012-11-29Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Lothern Lions3-2Tyrell's Tigons (Dave F)2-223,000
2012-11-13The Afterbowl CupPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club0-2Marduk's Marauders (Dave F)0-446,000
2012-11-09The Afterbowl CupPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club3-2Pestilens North End (Ian P)7-174,000
2012-11-06The Never-Ending BloodbathGlade Rangers2-1Scumblightis Rex (Nick K)1-521,000
2012-10-14The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines3-2Ladies That Lunch (Nick K)6-035,000
2012-10-09The Chaos CupDark Lands Gooners2-1High Rollers (Jason M)7-080,000
2012-09-25Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Lothern Lions5-1Sons of Twilight (Scott)3-025,000
2012-09-18The Afterbowl CupPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club3-0Badbog Smeggerz (Jason M)3-135,000
2012-08-28DungeonBowl 2012Tzeentch Pact Rangers0-1Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)2-556,000
2012-08-14Block & Dodger League of GentlemenGlade Rangers4-0Khornes Glory (Alan)3-013,000
2012-08-12The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers0-4Washington Furskins (Jon M)1-424,000
2012-08-11The Never-Ending BloodbathDark Lands Gooners2-1Bearded Avengers (Ian P)4-136,000
2012-08-07Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers2-5Sartosa Stevedores (Emrys)7-125,000
2012-07-31Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers2-2Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)8-233,000
2012-07-24The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines4-1Xenomorph Spectaculars (Nick K)2-223,000
2012-07-17The Never-Ending BloodbathLothern Lions3-1Bugman's Brawlers (Mark S)1-320,000
2012-07-10Block & Dodger League of GentlemenGlade Rangers1-4Nagarythe Nomads (Leon)1-119,000
2012-07-10Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers1-2Raging Bulls (Leon)3-735,000
2012-07-03The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-0Bugman's Brawlers (Mark S)3-019,000
2012-06-12The Never-Ending BloodbathAltdorf Avengers1-2Washington Furskins (Jon M)0-020,000
2012-05-08Block & Dodger League of GentlemenGlade Rangers4-0The Daisy Pushers (Scott)0-321,000
2012-04-03Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers3-2Tyrell's Tigons (Dave F)6-023,000
2012-03-29The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines1-2Scumblightis Rex (Nick K)1-124,000
2012-03-27Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers3-0Orcrington Stanley (Jon M)6-226,000
2012-03-20Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers4-0Highland Hammers (Ian P)5-230,000
2012-03-06Block & Dodger League of GentlemenGlade Rangers5-0Wolverhampton Warriors (Jon M)1-216,000
2012-03-04Block & Dodger League of GentlemenGlade Rangers3-0Ostland Rampaging Bulls (Mark S)0-112,000
2012-02-23Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers2-2Tigerwasps (Nick K)5-037,000
2012-02-07Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueTzeentch Pact Rangers2-0The Anvil Squad (Nick J)7-033,000
2012-01-31Block & Dodger League of GentlemenGlade Rangers2-1Xenomorph Spectaculars (Nick K)0-215,000
2012-01-24The Chaos CupBögenhafen Blaze3-2High Rollers (Jason M)7-170,000
2012-01-10The Chaos CupBögenhafen Blaze3-2Har Ganeth Executioners (Nick J)5-274,000
2011-11-29The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines2-1Stoutville Steelers (Art B)0-221,000
2011-11-15The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines5-1Heartstoppers' Delight (Nick K)4-016,000
2011-11-08The Chaos CupBögenhafen Blaze3-1Queen Myrine and the Gorgons (Dangerous Jim)3-131,000
2011-11-01The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines2-1Highland Hammers (Ian P)1-226,000
2011-10-11The Afterbowl CupTzeentch Pact Rangers0-1The Merry Boatmen (Yorick)3-135,000
2011-09-27NoPower ChampionshipTzeentch Pact Rangers3-0Swamp Town-Sartosa Shipping Confederacy (Nick J)8-133,000
2011-09-20NoPower ChampionshipTzeentch Pact Rangers1-2The Unclean Ones (Dan M)2-333,000
2011-08-02The Never-Ending BloodbathDarkenhoff0-2Bugman's Brawlers (Mark S)0-115,000
2011-07-26McMurty's ConferenceBögenhafen Blaze2-1Ladies That Lunch (Nick K)4-134,000
2011-07-12DungeonBowl 2011Tzeentch Pact Rangers2-0Durotar Raiders (Matt B)9-166,000
2011-06-21DungeonBowl 2011Tzeentch Pact Rangers1-0The Magnificent Steel Underpants DungeonBowl Team (Ian P)3-144,000
2011-05-17The Never-Ending BloodbathDark Lands Gooners2-1Bergsburg Bunnies (Jason M)7-148,000
2011-05-10NoPower ChampionshipTzeentch Pact Rangers0-3Raging Bulls (Leon)0-638,000
2011-04-12McMurty's ConferenceBögenhafen Blaze4-0Fel Bloods (Matt B)1-025,000
2011-03-22NoPower ChampionshipTzeentch Pact Rangers2-5S.L.Ü.T.S. (Nick K)4-137,000
2011-03-20The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines3-0Athletico Squig (Emrys)4-113,000
2011-03-20The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-2Karond Kar Knives (Emrys)1-119,000
2011-03-15McMurty's ConferenceBögenhafen Blaze2-0Queen Myrine and the Gorgons (Dangerous Jim)2-627,000
2011-03-01The Afterbowl CupTzeentch Pact Rangers0-4Vermincelli (Leon)3-262,000
2011-02-27The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-1Varaland Fury (Emrys)3-127,000
2011-02-27The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche0-2New Orc Giants (Emrys)3-429,000
2011-02-27The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United3-0Athletico Squig (Emrys)2-122,000
2011-02-22McMurty's ConferenceBögenhafen Blaze6-0The Magnificent Reikland Steel Underpants Team (Ian P)7-137,000
2011-02-15The Never-Ending BloodbathLothern Lions5-4Tigerwasps (Nick K)4-322,000
2011-02-15The Never-Ending BloodbathKislevite Kossars0-1Cunniculus Bellum (Nick K)1-313,000
2011-02-08The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United2-1Queen Myrine and the Gorgons (Dangerous Jim)2-526,000
2011-02-01The Afterbowl CupTzeentch Pact Rangers4-0Bearded Avengers (Ian P)2-256,000
2011-01-25The Never-Ending BloodbathWho Forgot The Horses2-1Avalanche (Matt B)2-215,000
2011-01-11The Never-Ending BloodbathKislevite Kossars2-4Pestilens North End (Ian P)2-016,000
2011-01-04The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-2Tigerwasps (Nick K)2-016,000
2010-12-14The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze4-0Ladies That Lunch (Nick K)6-221,000
2010-12-07The Never-Ending BloodbathMühlwand4-1Millwaargh (Alan)2-119,000
2010-12-05The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze2-2Ladies That Lunch (Nick K)3-118,000
2010-12-05The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines2-2Tigerwasps (Nick K)1-222,000
2010-11-30The Afterbowl CupTzeentch Pact Rangers2-0S.L.Ü.T.S. (Nick K)3-136,000
2010-11-23The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-0Felthorpe United (Yorick)2-122,000
2010-11-16The Chaos CupDark Lands Gooners2-3Ulthuan Eagles (Dan M)5-033,000
2010-11-09The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United3-0Millwaargh (Alan)4-017,000
2010-10-19Orca-Cola ChampionshipWoodland Wanderers3-3Har Ganeth Executioners (Nick J)1-331,000
2010-10-12The Never-Ending BloodbathMühlwand1-1Queen Myrine and the Gorgons (Dangerous Jim)1-317,000
2010-10-05Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners3-3Bergsburg Bunnies (Jason M)3-043,000
2010-09-19The Never-Ending BloodbathKislevite Kossars2-3Ladies That Lunch (Nick K)0-117,000
2010-09-14Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers2-2Swamp Town-Sartosa Shipping Confederacy (Nick J)6-330,000
2010-09-11The Never-Ending BloodbathMühlwand4-2Ladies That Lunch (Nick K)3-025,000
2010-09-11Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners1-1Rottington Deadskins (Leebat)6-042,000
2010-08-31The Never-Ending BloodbathKislevite Kossars1-2Durotar Raiders (Matt B)1-117,000
2010-08-30Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners3-1Vermincelli (Leon)2-045,000
2010-08-24Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers2-2Stop It! (Leon)1-235,000
2010-08-24Orca-Cola ChampionshipWoodland Wanderers1-1Raging Bulls (Leon)0-438,000
2010-08-17Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers3-0Moot Mosquitos (Emrys)4-433,000
2010-08-10Spike! TrophyLothern Lions3-5S.L.Ü.T.S. (Nick K)2-340,000
2010-08-03Spike! TrophyLothern Lions4-1Millwaargh (Alan)0-213,000
2010-07-27Orca-Cola ChampionshipWoodland Wanderers3-6The Gloryhunters (Paranoid Jim)3-135,000
2010-07-23Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners2-1Return of the Fabulous Arabian Knights (Emrys)2-240,000
2010-07-23Orca-Cola ChampionshipWoodland Wanderers4-0Bearded Avengers (Ian P)0-529,000
2010-07-20Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners2-2Ulthuan Eagles (Dan M)9-036,000
2010-07-13The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-1N.Orcs! (Wrighty)1-115,000
2010-06-29Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers3-0Dirty Triks (Wrighty)6-128,000
2010-06-08Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers3-0Wretchedon Vile (Nick K)3-028,000
2010-06-01Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers2-1Norsica Marauders (Russell)3-225,000
2010-05-04Orca-Cola ChampionshipWoodland Wanderers3-2Badbog Smeggerz (Jason M)0-333,000
2010-04-27The Never-Ending BloodbathLothern Lions2-3The Merry Boatmen (Yorick)1-617,000
2010-04-27The Never-Ending BloodbathKislevite Kossars2-1The Merry Boatmen (Yorick)1-320,000
2010-03-23Conference Play-offs (Season III)Woodland Wanderers1-4The Gloryhunters (Paranoid Jim)1-239,000
2010-03-16Conference Play-offs (Season III)Tzeentch Pact Rangers1-2Vermincelli (Leon)3-035,000
2010-03-09The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-3Necrofailure (Nick J)0-122,000
2010-03-02The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United3-3S.L.Ü.T.S. (Nick K)1-017,000
2010-02-28The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United2-0Bauernhofscherze (Emrys)2-019,000
2010-02-28The Never-Ending BloodbathLothern Lions3-0Khorne Beefcakes (Emrys)2-418,000
2010-02-23The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United3-1Necrofailure (Nick J)0-017,000
2010-02-02The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United2-1Heartstoppers' Delight (Nick K)0-016,000
2010-01-26The Never-Ending BloodbathNorcwich United0-1The Anvil Squad (Nick J)0-18,000
2010-01-19Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers1-0Molten Death (Leebat)1-120,000
2010-01-12The Never-Ending BloodbathMühlwand4-2Wretchedon Vile (Nick K)1-419,000
2010-01-05Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers0-2Raging Bulls (Leon)1-229,000
2009-11-17Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers3-2Tigerwasps (Nick K)4-019,000
2009-11-10Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers2-1Swamp Town-Sartosa Shipping Confederacy (Nick J)2-030,000
2009-11-03Empirewide Reikland ConferenceWoodland Wanderers3-1Badbog Smeggerz (Jason M)1-229,000
2009-10-13Empirewide Reikland ConferenceWoodland Wanderers4-1Norsica Marauders (Russell)0-129,000
2009-10-09Empirewide Reikland ConferenceWoodland Wanderers4-1The Magnificent Reikland Steel Underpants Team (Ian P)0-431,000
2009-09-22Empirewide Reikland ConferenceWoodland Wanderers8-0Queen Myrine and the Gorgons (Dangerous Jim)0-223,000
2009-09-15Empirewide Reikland ConferenceWoodland Wanderers5-0Minisorta Vikings (Pat)0-120,000
2009-09-01Empirewide Sud-West ConferenceTzeentch Pact Rangers2-1Felthorpe United (Yorick)3-227,000
2009-08-25DungeonBowlSchadensumpe Spelunkers0-1Orcs is da Best (Wrighty)1-124,000
2009-08-18The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche2-1Swamp Town-Sartosa Shipping Confederacy (Nick J)4-124,000
2009-08-11The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche0-3Swamp Town-Sartosa Shipping Confederacy (Nick J)3-425,000
2009-08-11DungeonBowlSchadensumpe Spelunkers1-0Goldie Lookin' Chaingang (Emrys)1-021,000
2009-08-04The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers2-1The Unclean Ones (Dan M)2-324,000
2009-07-28The Never-Ending BloodbathMühlwand4-1Wenchester Cottontails (Nick K)1-215,000
2009-07-20The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers2-2Tor Fenalorn Seahorses (Dan M)2-526,000
2009-07-19The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers2-1Norsica Marauders (Russell)1-126,000
2009-07-16The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche2-2Tor Fenalorn Seahorses (Dan M)2-427,000
2009-07-10The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche2-2The Magnificent Reikland Steel Underpants Team (Ian P)4-227,000
2009-07-09The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze3-0New Orc Giants (Emrys)0-425,000
2009-07-06The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers2-1Raging Bulls (Leon)3-021,000
2009-07-06The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze2-1Creeping Moon (Leon)2-029,000
2009-07-05The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers3-0Tor Fenalorn Seahorses (Dan M)0-022,000
2009-06-30The Never-Ending BloodbathMühlwand2-1Violent Desires (Marky D)0-414,000
2009-06-30DungeonBowlSchadensumpe Spelunkers1-0Blue River Sluggas (Marky D)0-121,000
2009-06-26The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze1-0The Magnificent Reikland Steel Underpants Team (Ian P)4-120,000
2009-06-26The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche2-2The Magnificent Reikland Steel Underpants Team (Ian P)0-016,000
2009-06-25The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze3-1Karond Kar Knives (Emrys)2-115,000
2009-06-23The Never-Ending BloodbathMühlwand4-2Norsica Marauders (Russell)1-010,000
2009-06-22The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers0-3Dynamo Gold (Wrighty)4-318,000
2009-06-19The Never-Ending BloodbathWoodland Wanderers3-2New Orc Giants (Emrys)0-218,000
2009-06-16The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club2-0Molten Death (Leebat)5-18,000
2009-06-13The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers2-2Creeping Moon (Leon)2-114,000
2009-06-13The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche1-1Raging Bulls (Leon)4-124,000
2009-06-02The Never-Ending BloodbathPickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club1-0Eicheschatten Marktag (Emrys)5-112,000
2009-06-02League Two Winners PlayoffWoodland Wanderers5-1Badbog Smeggerz (Jason M)1-021,000
2009-05-26The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers1-1Creeping Moon (Leon)1-118,000
2009-05-26The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze3-2Vermincelli (Leon)3-119,000
2009-05-26Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners2-1Stop It! (Leon)2-133,000
2009-05-21The Never-Ending BloodbathLothern Lions4-0Mordheim Marauders (Emrys)6-418,000
2009-05-19The Never-Ending BloodbathTzeentch Pact Rangers3-1Queen Myrine and the Gorgons (Dangerous Jim)3-116,000
2009-05-18The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche4-2Vermincelli (Leon)4-121,000
2009-05-15The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche1-1Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Emrys)1-219,000
2009-05-15The Never-Ending BloodbathAarvik Avalanche3-2Pestilens North End (Ian P)5-112,000
2009-05-12The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines0-0Molten Death (Leebat)0-216,000
2009-05-11The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze3-1Shadow Warriors (Emrys)1-018,000
2009-05-05The Never-Ending BloodbathLothern Lions1-1Sand & Mithril 40 Miners (Z)0-114,000
2009-05-01The Never-Ending BloodbathBögenhafen Blaze3-0Warpstone Warriors (Leebat)3-216,000
2009-05-01The Never-Ending BloodbathHochland Heroines2-2Hi-Ho Silverminers (Emrys)0-510,000
2009-04-28The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers2-0Sand & Mithril 40 Miners (Z)2-020,000
2009-04-27The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers3-0Khorne Beefcakes (Emrys)3-017,000
2009-04-27The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers1-1Sartosa Stevedores (Emrys)1-119,000
2009-04-23The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers2-1Kirschehügel Cherrypickers (Emrys)3-418,000
2009-04-21Empirewide Division 2Woodland Wanderers1-1Badbog Smeggerz (Jason M)1-118,000
2009-04-20The Never-Ending BloodbathCarroburg Panzers2-0Raging Bulls (Leon)1-111,000
2009-04-14Empirewide Division 2Woodland Wanderers4-2Swamp Town-Sartosa Shipping Confederacy (Nick J)0-120,000
2009-04-07Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners3-0Orcs is da Best (Wrighty)0-132,000
2009-03-24Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners3-0The Fabulous Arabian Knights (Dangerous Jim)4-036,000
2009-02-24Empirewide Division 2Woodland Wanderers2-1The New Comets (Leebat)2-311,000
2009-02-17Empirewide Division 2Woodland Wanderers2-2Varaland Fury (Emrys)1-38,000
2009-01-27Orclays PremiershipDark Lands Gooners3-2Har Ganeth Executioners (Nick J)0-127,000
2008-12-16The Blood BowlDark Lands Gooners2-0Stop It! (Leon)2-035,000
2008-12-12The Blood BowlDark Lands Gooners4-0Under-Empire Squeakers (Evil Steve)8-028,000
2008-12-05The Blood BowlDark Lands Gooners2-1Har Ganeth Executioners (Nick J)1-031,000
2008-11-18The Blood BowlDark Lands Gooners2-1Ulthuan Eagles (Dan M)2-026,000
2008-11-04BB League Season 1 Play-offsDark Lands Gooners3-2Stop It! (Leon)3-429,000
2008-10-21BB League Season 1 Play-offsDark Lands Gooners3-0The Fabulous Arabian Knights (Dangerous Jim)2-124,000
2008-09-09BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners1-0Hellsden Hammers (Kevin S)0-0by Forfeit
2008-09-04BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners2-3Moot Mosquitos (Emrys)6-125,000
2008-08-19BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners0-1Stop It! (Leon)5-120,000
2008-08-19BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners3-0Bergsburg Bunnies (Jason M)0-029,000
2008-08-12BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners2-1Bearded Avengers (Ian P)1-123,000
2008-07-15BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners2-1Har Ganeth Executioners (Nick J)2-026,000
2008-07-08BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners1-1Orcs is da Best (Wrighty)1-118,000
2008-06-17BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners0-3The Gloryhunters (Paranoid Jim)5-213,000
2008-06-10BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners3-0Minisorta Vikings (Pat)3-018,000
2008-06-03BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners2-0Ulthuan Eagles (Dan M)2-019,000
2008-05-13BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners1-3The Fabulous Arabian Knights (Dangerous Jim)3-210,000
2008-04-22BB League Season 1Dark Lands Gooners2-1Ostland Redbulls (Marky D)4-013,000
2008-03-18Non-scoring FriendliesDark Lands Gooners (NEB)1-1Varaland Fury (Emrys)5-18,000
2008-03-11Non-scoring FriendliesDark Lands Gooners (NEB)1-0Moot Mosquitos (NEB) (Emrys)6-011,000