Bloodbowl Leagues

Mike P's teams

TeamRaceWDLWin%Td+Td-Cas+Cas-CoachesCheer.Apo.J'menFansRerollsTreasuryTeam Value
Da Green Giants
Aftermath League X
Orc10614.37211780 0 Y 0 1 2 230,000 gp 1,070,000 gp
Totals include friendly matches played for which team details aren't recorded

Best result: 3-2Worst result: 0-4

Player Records

McBoogerballsDa Green Giants6
Arnold StabbingtonDa Green Giants2
Minimum 2 to qualify
Arnold StabbingtonDa Green Giants3
Hank ShankDa Green Giants2
Minimum 2 to qualify
BashDa Green Giants1
Minimum 1 to qualify
Ernie CutterDa Green Giants6
Hank ShankDa Green Giants3
Arnold StabbingtonDa Green Giants2
BashDa Green Giants2
Snot RocketDa Green Giants2
Minimum 2 to qualify


DateCompetitionOwn teamScoreOppositionCasualtiesCrowd
2016-07-14Aftermath League XDa Green Giants0-4Purple Helmetz (Jason M)2-423,000
2016-07-05Aftermath League XDa Green Giants0-2Sons of Twilight (Scott)4-022,000
2016-05-05Aftermath League XDa Green Giants1-5Naggarond Nomads (Mike C)5-115,000
2016-03-31Aftermath League XDa Green Giants0-3Tornado Nymph Tempest (TNT) (Nick K)1-015,000
2016-03-08Aftermath League XDa Green Giants2-3Schadensumpe Spelunkers (Craig)3-119,000
2016-02-23The Never-Ending BloodbathDa Green Giants1-2Sons of Twilight (Scott)0-016,000
2016-02-16The Never-Ending BloodbathDa Green Giants3-2Bloodpool Tsunami (Nick K)2-215,000