Bloodbowl Leagues

Scott's teams

TeamRaceWDLWin%Td+Td-Cas+Cas-CoachesCheer.Apo.J'menFansRerollsTreasuryTeam Value
The Daisy Pushers Necromantic86850.0282936642 2 N/A 0 9 4 190,000 gp 1,690,000 gp
Riverside Reavers
Bloodweiser Aftermath League
Wood Elf23631.8212615270 0 Y 0 4 2 100,000 gp 1,410,000 gp
CJ Suicide Squad Vampire21250.067365 5 Y 0 3 0 120,000 gp 1,290,000 gp
Carpe Jugulum Vampire21822.772015281 1 N 0 3 5 170,000 gp 1,240,000 gp
Sons of Twilight
Aftermath League X
Dark Elf42738.5233318240 0 N 0 6 2 130,000 gp 1,230,000 gp
Dead Famous Necromantic10325.056290 0 N/A 0 1 3 10,000 gp 1,110,000 gp
Mossers Human100100.021100 0 N 0 1 3 30,000 gp 1,040,000 gp
Totals include friendly matches played for which team details aren't recorded

Best result: 4-0Worst result: 0-5

Player Records

GobThe Daisy Pushers15
Asroz Grayhawk (retired)Sons of Twilight14
Santhal TruehandRiverside Reavers10
Ferze SonghandSons of Twilight9
Gwithel FearquellerRiverside Reavers8
Minimum 2 to qualify
Erthor ’RK Orc Slayer’ SwiftreaverRiverside Reavers11
'Howlin Mad' MacconThe Daisy Pushers10
Wrathful WarickThe Daisy Pushers10
Danehiuk DemonbreakerSons of Twilight4
Count Jaque Von DuckworthCarpe Jugulum3
HackThe Daisy Pushers3
vampire 3CJ Suicide Squad3
Minimum 2 to qualify
Santhal TruehandRiverside Reavers1
Sister or OtherCarpe Jugulum1
Sister SomethingCarpe Jugulum1
vampire 1CJ Suicide Squad1
’Mister’ Sister Tess TosteroneCarpe Jugulum1
Minimum 1 to qualify
Erthor ’RK Orc Slayer’ SwiftreaverRiverside Reavers9
'Howlin Mad' MacconThe Daisy Pushers7
'Spare Part' SandyThe Daisy Pushers7
Biscuits (dec'd)The Daisy Pushers6
Tuthel Truthseeker (dec'd)Riverside Reavers5
Minimum 2 to qualify


DateCompetitionOwn teamScoreOppositionCasualtiesCrowd
2016-07-05Aftermath League XSons of Twilight2-0Da Green Giants (Mike P)0-422,000
2016-06-21Aftermath League XSons of Twilight2-3Schadensumpe Spelunkers (Craig)1-024,000
2016-04-26Aftermath League XSons of Twilight3-3Tornado Nymph Tempest (TNT) (Nick K)3-120,000
2016-03-29Aftermath League XSons of Twilight2-1Purple Helmetz (Jason M)2-216,000
2016-03-08Aftermath League XSons of Twilight2-2Naggarond Nomads (Mike C)0-119,000
2016-02-23The Never-Ending BloodbathSons of Twilight2-1Da Green Giants (Mike P)0-016,000
2016-01-05The Never-Ending BloodbathSons of Twilight2-3Tornado Nymph Tempest (TNT) (Nick K)6-310,000
2015-12-15Aftermath Trophy League Play-offThe Daisy Pushers2-2Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)2-935,000
2015-10-13Aftermath Trophy LeagueThe Daisy Pushers4-0Orkshire Vikings (Mike C)2-224,000
2015-09-22Aftermath Trophy LeagueThe Daisy Pushers1-2Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)2-1029,000
2015-08-25Aftermath Trophy LeagueThe Daisy Pushers0-0Xenomorph Spectaculars (Nick K)2-532,000
2015-06-11Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers1-1Tartful Dodgers (Craig)2-122,000
2015-04-21Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers1-2Orkshire Vikings (Mike C)0-327,000
2015-02-24Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers3-2The Norsica Juniors (Russell)2-216,000
2014-12-02Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers2-3Careless Whiskers (Jason M)0-220,000
2014-11-04Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers3-4Angelus Requiem Second Eleven (A.R.S.E.) (Nick K)1-223,000
2014-10-14Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers1-2Orkshire Vikings (Mike C)1-318,000
2014-09-10The Never-Ending BloodbathRiverside Reavers2-2Alebrewers of Altdorf Guild Team (Mat L)0-317,000
2014-09-02Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers2-2Tartful Dodgers (Craig)3-215,000
2014-08-12Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers3-1The Norsica Juniors (Russell)1-416,000
2014-05-29Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers2-4Careless Whiskers (Jason M)4-212,000
2014-04-22Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueRiverside Reavers1-3Angelus Requiem Second Eleven (A.R.S.E.) (Nick K)1-316,000
2014-04-15The Never-Ending BloodbathThe Daisy Pushers0-5Tigerwasps (Nick K)0-230,000
2014-03-18Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum0-2Firestone Fuglies (Jason M)0-622,000
2014-02-25Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum0-2Pustulent Decay (Nick K)2-226,000
2014-02-13Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueThe Daisy Pushers2-2Pickhandlers & Shovellers Social Club (Craig)2-230,000
2013-12-03Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum0-2Where are the Warriors (Craig)0-321,000
2013-11-26Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueThe Daisy Pushers1-2Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)2-235,000
2013-11-05Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum1-2Hawthorn (Nick J)1-013,000
2013-10-13Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum0-2Gravestone Stealers (Mike C)2-423,000
2013-09-24Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueThe Daisy Pushers1-2Xenomorph Spectaculars (Nick K)1-526,000
2013-09-17The Bloodwiser BowlSons of Twilight0-2HeatSeekers (Leon)0-017,000
2013-09-03Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum1-2Firestone Fuglies (Jason M)0-412,000
2013-08-27Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueThe Daisy Pushers1-1The Anvil Squad (Nick J)1-127,000
2013-08-06Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum1-3Pustulent Decay (Nick K)2-319,000
2013-07-16Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum2-1Where are the Warriors (Craig)4-019,000
2013-06-11Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum2-1Hawthorn (Nick J)1-216,000
2013-06-04Sommer-Bucht LeagueCarpe Jugulum0-3Gravestone Stealers (Mike C)2-217,000
2013-04-30Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueThe Daisy Pushers0-3Tor Fenalorn Seahorses (Dan M)2-232,000
2013-03-26Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueThe Daisy Pushers1-1Drakwold Wanderers (Mat L)1-523,000
2013-03-19Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Sons of Twilight1-3Fatal Attractions (Jason M)2-525,000
2013-02-26The Never-Ending BloodbathThe Daisy Pushers1-0Highland Hammers (Ian P)1-321,000
2013-02-12Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Sons of Twilight2-4Tyrell's Tigons (Dave F)1-417,000
2013-01-29Bloodweiser Aftermath LeagueThe Daisy Pushers1-1Marduk's Marauders (Dave F)2-335,000
2013-01-08We Don' Need No Steenkin' RerollsCJ Suicide Squad1-1Amaz (ing) ons (Dave F)0-021,000
2012-12-28The Never-Ending BloodbathSons of Twilight3-1Dökkálfar Devils (Jon M)3-022,000
2012-11-27The Never-Ending BloodbathCJ Suicide Squad3-1Ain't Dead Yet (Mike M)2-012,000
2012-11-27We Don' Need No Steenkin' RerollsCJ Suicide Squad0-2Bierstadtschönheiten (Nick K)0-415,000
2012-11-20The Never-Ending BloodbathThe Daisy Pushers3-0Heartstoppers' Delight (Nick K)4-121,000
2012-10-02We Don' Need No Steenkin' RerollsCJ Suicide Squad1-3HeatSeekers (Leon)0-217,000
2012-10-02We Don' Need No Steenkin' RerollsCJ Suicide Squad1-0Ostermark Octogenarians (Ian P)1-010,000
2012-09-25Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Sons of Twilight1-5Lothern Lions (Craig)0-325,000
2012-09-18Elfin Safety (Gone Mad)Sons of Twilight1-5Angelwood Dryads (Nick K)0-119,000
2012-09-04The Never-Ending BloodbathCarpe Jugulum0-0Scrogton Academicals Varsity 11 (Nick K)1-218,000
2012-07-24DungeonBowl 2012The Daisy Pushers0-1Khorne's Bloody Children (Jason M)0-527,000
2012-05-29The Never-Ending BloodbathThe Daisy Pushers3-0Dökkálfar Devils (Jon M)2-320,000
2012-05-08Block & Dodger League of GentlemenThe Daisy Pushers0-4Glade Rangers (Craig)3-021,000
2012-04-26Block & Dodger League of GentlemenThe Daisy Pushers2-0Khornes Glory (Alan)2-316,000
2012-04-24The Never-Ending BloodbathDead Famous1-2Tor Fenalorn Seahorses (Dan M)0-318,000
2012-04-17Block & Dodger League of GentlemenThe Daisy Pushers2-1Ostland Rampaging Bulls (Mark S)1-018,000
2012-03-20Block & Dodger League of GentlemenThe Daisy Pushers0-2Nagarythe Nomads (Leon)2-117,000
2012-03-06Block & Dodger League of GentlemenThe Daisy Pushers1-0Xenomorph Spectaculars (Nick K)1-015,000
2012-02-17The Never-Ending BloodbathMossers2-1Dökkálfar Devils (Jon M)1-019,000
2012-02-17Block & Dodger League of GentlemenThe Daisy Pushers2-0Wolverhampton Warriors (Jon M)1-010,000
2011-12-06The Never-Ending BloodbathDead Famous2-0Dökkálfar Devils (Jon M)1-015,000
2011-11-22The Never-Ending BloodbathDead Famous1-2Stoutville Steelers (Art B)0-316,000
2011-10-25The Never-Ending BloodbathDead Famous1-2Orcrington Stanley (Jon M)1-314,000