Dreadball League 2015

Player Team Race W D L Points Score Difference Confirmed Kills
Wrighty Cthulhuians Nameless80024+500
Leon Rod Stock Rebels Rebels51116+322
Mike C Inbreeds Corporation (Season 2)41113+230
Jamie The Totally Terrific Teleporting Terrapins Teratons31210+44
Jim B Yare Valley Bugs Z'zor3049-192
Nick K Eclipse Rapture Orx3079-286
Ian P Blunt Force Traumas Brokkers2127+02
Shaun R The Triple R Corporation2127-62
Russell Red Mantis Reavers Z'zor2026+51
Mark Z Midguard miners Brokkr2046-53
Darren S Bug mans brewers Brokkr0191-562

Player Remaining opponents
Darren SNobody!
Ian PJamie, Jim B, Leon, Russell and Shaun R
JamieIan P, Mark Z, Mike C, Russell and Shaun R
Jim BIan P, Mike C and Shaun R
LeonIan P, Russell and Wrighty
Mark ZJamie, Mike C, Shaun R and Wrighty
Mike CJamie, Jim B, Mark Z and Russell
Nick KNobody!
RussellIan P, Jamie, Leon, Mike C, Shaun R and Wrighty
Shaun RIan P, Jamie, Jim B, Mark Z and Russell
WrightyLeon, Mark Z and Russell