Endless Dread
Coach Team Race Pl W D L Ratio StrikeR KillR TV
Mark ZBrokkr RaidersBrokkr11001.000+7.0000.000106
WrightyTrontek 69ersCorp11001.000+7.0000.0000
HamishSeaworld SaintsSphyr11001.000+4.0001.000106
WrightyZit BagsZee10010.000-4.0000.00097
LeonBlue GiantsHobgoblins10010.000-7.0000.000100
HamishPrimary PunishmentMarauders10010.000-7.0000.000100

Endless Dread is sorted by Ratio and Strike Rate.

Ratio: A team's win ratio. A team that has won 3, drawn 1 and lost 2 games will have a ratio of 3.5/6 = 0.5833

StrikeR: Strike Rate. A team with a net Strike total of 2 after 6 games will have a StrikeR of 0.3333

KillR: Kill Rate. The number of kills recorded by a team divided by the number of games played.