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Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is a game for two to four players, in which each player takes their warband of fantastically detailed Citadel Miniatures and pits them against their rivals in battles across the dark city of Shadespire. It’s a game of strategy, fast-paced combat and devious ploys, and though you’ll find this an easy game to pick up, only the most experienced players will master it.

Rules of the Tournament

Like some of the tournaments, games will be played best of three, should a draw occur it will go down to the final amount of victory point accumulated over the three games.

The only thing I ask is that people complete their games in a timely manner. I will book designated shade spire league nights ( two a month) and it will be up to you to complete your games.

I am thinking three months is long enough for everyone to complete their games, any games left unplayed will be counted as a loss, thats a total of 6 gaming nights in which to get the games played.

Once you have started with a war band that will be the war band you will use with that league, once a league has finished you can decide to start a new league with a different War band and you will start the new league with the placing you achieved.

There will be no house rules and please familiarise yourselves with current FAQ’s.

To accommodate the number of players we have randomly allocated people to the two leages (Shade and Spire) at the end of the season the top two players from Shade will go into the Spire league, and the bottom two players from Spire will go into the Shade league.