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The Aftermath Gaming Club is based in Norwich, Norfolk. We meet and play a wide variety of tabletop, board and card games covering all the favourite genres. We meet every Tuesday 7pm -11pm.

The Club offers a friendly, laid back environment for adults that wish to game.  The club has part time and full time membership options for those that wish to join us after a free trial night.

Aftermath is an active club.  We attend shows across the UK, hold tournaments, campaigns, and large all day battles for those that wish to get involved.

If more casual gaming is your thing then that’s cool as well. We like to  allow each member to get from their hobby exactly what they want, but see ourselves as inclusive group, where everyone can join in and have a go.

If you would like to find out more or come along for a trial night to see what you think of the club, please contact one of the committee members or visit our Facebook Page and contact Lee Lowe via FB Messenger.

Games We Play

Warhammer 40k
Black Powder
Hail Caesar
Pike & Shotte
Bolt Action
Deus Vult
Fire & Fury
Age of Sigmar
Kill Team
Heroes of Normandie
Lion Rampant
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars X-Wing
Star Wars legion
Battlegroup WW2

Plus many more board games and miniatures games!