Makeda vs Issyria – The Elves are Coming

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Makeda vs Issyria – The Elves are Coming

Posted in : Battle Reports on by : Admin Jon

Things I forgot (again) Feat, Apparition, Check the front of the card for weapon master symbols (missing them is an unpleasant surprise), and don’t forget about Vengeance….

So this is my first ever encounter with the Retribution of Scyrah, so a steep learning curve, it’s also my first time fielding a Gargantuan.

My army was:-

Archdomina Makeda – WB: +29
–    Mammoth – PC: 38 (Battlegroup Points Used: 29)
–    Molik Karn – PC: 19
–    Basilisk Krea – PC: 7
–    Titan Gladiator – PC: 15
Void Spirit – PC: 4
Mortitheurge Willbreaker – PC: 4
Extoller Soulward – PC: 3
Paingiver Bloodrunners – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
Paingiver Beast Handlers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5

So the thinking behind it is that I have Molik for when I mess up and lose the Mammoth since I have never used one before, and Makeda can make Molik almost as fast as he was in his glory days. She has Carnage to help the Mammoths Mat, the Krea and shieldguards should keep Molik and the Mammoth up, and the Gladiator is almost there as a support piece for rush, and to soak up damage.

My opponent was playing

Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn – WJ: +29
–    Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker – PC: 4
–    Chimera – PC: 8
–    Hyperion – PC: 36 (Battlegroup Points Used: 29)
Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2
Ghost Sniper – PC: 3
Mage Hunter Assassin – PC: 4
Mage Hunter Assassin – PC: 4
Houseguard Thane – PC: 4
Dawnguard Sentinels – Leader & 9 Grunts: 18
–    Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4
Houseguard Halberdiers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 13
–    Houseguard Halberdier Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4


So deployment, first thoughts… wow that’s a lot of dudes, every previous match has been lots of Legion beasts. I had seen a video of one of the Ret things towing in a titan by shooting it, but that is apparently not this one at least. Oh and the scenario is Entrenched.

Round 1

Mark goes first lots of running (elves are slower than I expected)

I rush and quicken the mammoth so he can walk 8, he takes a few pot shots and bags one halberdier (I am underwhelmed), Molik and the Gladiator move up and I foolishly put the Gladiator behind the Bunker objective (hiding behind the house) and mess up my fury management so I have one more out than I should… surely this won’t come back and bite me on the ass…. I also forgot to appirate the assassins lurking in the trees. In the end all my stuff is lurking just outside of charge range. (This has not been a good turn)

Round 2

Hyperion uses his beam thing to shoot the mammoth, and then is auxiliary attacked to do it again, the sentinels move closer and mini-feat, and get an armour buff spell on them, the halberdiers advance ready to charge. Sniper shoots mammoth, Assassins hide behind the far building.

So I leave one fury on Molik, and think I can handle this, Molik and Titan should be able to take the edge off the sentinels, the Bloodrunners can Jam, this should go well…(It didn’t)

One fury on Molik, need a 9 or less, roll a 12… Rah, Molik Smash…(Crap) he overkills one Sentinel. Now it’s operation save Molik, the Void spirit runs in and kills one, then teleports into the middle of the sentinels to try and pin them, the blood runners go engage the halberdiers, kill 4 and reposition into the rest to pin them. Mammoth aims and fires 4 shots into Hyperion doing more damage than he did to me (and I forgot to feat)..

Round 3

I forgot about vengeance, they cut down the voidspirit, have some attacks on Molik. He feats then the sentinels charge in(I discover that they are weaponmasters), it doesn’t go well…., the bloodrunners give their lives gloriously, and the halberdiers reposition towards the mammoth, assassins run round the outside of the wood. More shooting at the mammoth, giving him some pain.

Ok, I stopped charges on the mammoth,I lost Molik, but I can recover this. Mammoth blows up 2 groups of halberdiers, and one pod of sentinels, Gladiator kills more sentinels, Krea runs in front of the mammoth to stop Hyperion charging it, Makeda feats, this could be worse…

Round 4 (It gets worse)

More shots from Hyperion, then the assassins charge through the woods, and decapitate the mammoth with some really hot dice. The sentinels go for the Gladiator take a retributive strike (initially I killed all 3, then realised that Ret strike only happens once so 2 go back (Less convinced by the feat now).

Ok this is looking bad, pretty much think it’s all over so decide to have fun, I move Makeda up and Jackhammer the Gladiator twice to clear him, and then do a boosted lash on a Halberdier to change the Gladiators facing towards Hyperion, then he charges, and goes insane, on the last attack he needed to do 11 damage for the kill and rolls the double 6 (man of the match). I do a little damage to one of the assassins, but Makeda is out of fury so not optimistic.

Round 5

Mark forget to assign fury to the Chimera Mwa ha ha, the Chimera apparitions past the gladiator charges Makeda and misses, Sniper shoots Makeda for 3, Halberdier hits her for some damage. Assassin runs in past a beasthandler, who rolls an 8 and explodes him with a whip, another assassin runs in past the beasthandler, who rolls another 8 and explodes him with a whip (possibly new man of the match)..

Gladiator turns around and pulls the chimera apart, and then the last halberdier, Makeda charges sniper and obliterates him, and we call the game as he has nothing that can hurt me.

It should have been a loss for me with a fully focussed Chimera dissecting Makeda, but I’ll take my wins where I can find them..

Lessons learned, possibly should have commited the Mammoth into Melee, but then he probably would have died early to charging weapon master, losing Molik was unfortunate and avoidable by me being able to count to 6 (or rather 7). Weaponmaster Assassins with decapitate can do big damage on a charge, don’t forget apparition, don’t forget to feat.

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