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  1. Select the member name from the dropdown at the top of the calendar to load their available game slots. (If name is not in the list please contact and let me know)
  2. Select the required date, a form will pop up.
  3. Complete details of game, and send challenge!


***REMINDER: Club is only open on Tuesdays now ***


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Game Booking Help

What happens when I send a challenge?

You will both receive emails confirming the challenge.  Your opponent can confirm the pending challenge by clicking on a link in the email, or from this page in their account.

The day before the game, you will both receive a reminder email.  If the game is not going ahead, please cancel it, so the club does not get overbooked.

Not getting the emails?  Check your spam folder.


How do I add a game I have booked to my phone/personal online calendar?

On the “book a game page of the site (this page!) , click on your “Upcoming Games” list.  You will  see an “Add to Calendar”button.  Click that, allow the app to authorise accessing yourGoogle/Outlook calendar, and it will publish it into your calendar.

Note that ALL games auto post to the Aftermath calendar on this page, you don’t need to do it yourself for it to appear in the club games calendar.


How do I stop myself being double booked – How do I know if someone is already booked?

If you go to send a challenge, and your prospective challenge has a game booked, it will tell you the name of the person who has something booked (it will say “pending” if they have a challenge on that date they have not accepted). When you click on the date, the send challenge box that pops up will contain this info.


I can’t see the game challenge I just sent/approved?

Sometimes you need to refresh the page to see the changes 🙂


Can I book myself as away/unavailable?

Sure.  Send yourself s game challenge, put the game title as absent, and then accept it.  You will then appear in the confirmed games list as absent/unavailable.  But people COULD still send you a challenge, so you will need to reject/delete challenges sent.


How do I add multiple people to a game?

Send each person a challenge for the same timeslot, you can add up to 20 people to a game timeslot.  You are basically just booking a new game for each person in that same timeslot.  So use the same “game system” name, and people will see it’s a multiplayer game.


Note for Aftermath Administrators/Committee

If you have an access level of admin or higher on the site, you have the ability to see EVERYONE’S game challenges/bookings.  This is because you can technically delete them if you want….but please don’t!

So you can still see your own games and pending challenges, but they will be listed amongst ALL games and challenges.

You will know YOUR OWN games because you will receive emails for challenges, and you will get a reminder email the day before like everyone else.

So it’s just a case of your pending challenges list might be quite long – so please make sure you only accept/delete games with your name on!



Contact Jason Temple via PM to sort it out.